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UV Disinfection Standard Analyses Set:

Iron, Manganese                             500ml unpreserved
Hardness (Calcium)                          250ml unpreserved
Hydrogen Sulfide                            *Bottle from Enviroteknix
Turbidity                                          250ml unpreserved
Color                                                250ml unpreserved
Suspended Solids                            250ml unpreserved

Gas Well Pre-Drilling or Development Analyses Set:

Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium,Lead, Iron, Strontium, Manganese

                                                    500ml unpreserved
Chloride                                       250ml unpreserved
Sulfate                                         250ml unpreserved
Alkalinity                                      250ml unpreserved
TDS                                              250ml unpreserved
Methane/Ethane                        *Bottle from Enviroteknix
pH                                                100ml unpreserved
Coliform Bacteria                         100ml sterile bacti bottle

Rural Homeowners Package:

Lead, Arsenic, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc 500ml unpreserved
Hardness (Calcium)                       250ml unpreserved
Nitrate                                           250ml unpreserved
Coliform Bacteria                           100ml sterile bacti bottle
TDS                                                250ml unpreserved
pH                                                 100ml unpreserved
Alkalinity                                        250ml unpreserved

Realty (FHA/HUD) Homebuyers Package:

Lead                                          500ml unpreserved
Nitrate                                       250ml unpreserved
Nitrite                                        250ml unpreserved
Coliform Bacteria                       100ml sterile bacti bottle

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to accommodate the hold times.

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